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 Grande Prairie Alberta photographer Randy Vanderveen is an award-winning photographer with two decades of experience. Editorial photography, commercial photography, institutional photography, aerial photography, documentary and humanitarian photography — whatever your photographic needs are in the Peace River Country of northwestern Alberta and northeastern British Columbia or beyond I can help. The right licensing package can make custom photography affordable and extremely effective whether you are a national corporation, a local business or a non-profit or NGO. I would like to sit down and talk with you about how I can meet your photographic needs. Call (780) 897- 6478 or email me for a quote on a job or licensing fees for photos. Feel free to check out the weekly Viewfinder blog.



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Recent work

Photo Randy Vanderveen A grizzly looks up from foraging for food along Highwy 40 north of the Cutbank River as it gorges itself in preparation for hibernation.

Here are is some photos from the past few months.

Photo Randy Vanderveen A police car parks momentarily along the promenade in front of the Tower of Belém near Lisbon, Portugal providing a quick glimpse at protection in Portugal's past and present.

Photo Randy Vanderveen An adult bald eagle harrasses an immature one in a field in the Fraser Valley.

Photo Randy Vanderveen Cattle graze in a pasture south of Abbotsford as the colours of fall form a background. Fall comes later to the Lower Mainland than it does in the Prairies. Photo Randy Vanderveen A batsman protects the wicket during a cricket tournament in Grande Prairie in early September.

Photo Randy Vanderveen Lisbon, Portugal is famous for its hills and street cars in the city centre.


My favourite things (to photograph in the Peace)

1. The Dunvegan Bridge. Many different angles and seasons to capture what has to be the iconic view of the Peace River in many people’s minds.

2. The Northern Lights. While we don’t get the shows that High Level and Fort McMurray do, the South Peace still has several large displays of the Northern Lights each year. It takes effort as a photographer has to be willing to be out shooting around midnight when the displays are at their best and has to have a foreground figured out before he even heads out to shoot.

3. Fall Colours. We have a very short season in the South Peace to capture fall colours — usually the first half of September — maybe longer if it is an exceptionally calm year. The river and creek valleys are some of the best areas to capture the change of season,

4. Swans- The lakes in the LaGlace and Valhalla area usually have swans and are often times the areas surrounding them have numerous swans during the fall and spring. The avian symbol of this area and the birds look good whether they are swimming, flying and even grazing. For those limited by how far they can travel Crystal Lake is also a good bet for swans.

5. Wild Mammals- Elk, deer, foxes, coyotes, bears all provide a certain satisfaction when photographing. Don’t always fill the frame with the animals show their interaction in the environment as well.

6. Sunsets and sunrises. We are blessed in the Peace with big skies. Any where the sky is visible and there is an interesting foreground is a great place to shoot the start and end of a day. The colours usually are better when there are a few clouds scattered about. I

7. Pastoral scenes. Farm scenes are always one of my favourite things to photograph whether it is harvest, seeding or livestock grazing, Agriculture is a huge part of the Peace Country’s history and current economy and deserves to be recorded.

8. Weather. Electrical storms, snow, fog etc, are all part of the Peace Country and how the environment affects it. Makes great photographs with plenty of mood.

9. Sports or people at play. I also enjoy shooting sports that are less well known and are a little more unusual as it stretches me photographically.

10. My favourite thing to photograph is people. Not portraits but stories of real people doing real things. It can be a single photo of someone  working or a multi-photo piece on people creating a craft. It is the story of people in the Peace and their interaction with each other, the environment and their livelihood that tells the story of the Peace.


What are your favourite things to photograph? Are you busy this summer trying to make some photos of your favourites? Are you stretching yourself in what and how you shoot?