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A Thousand Hills

Rwanda, Photo Randy Vanderveen Rwanda's thousand hills are what gives the country its natural beauty.I will be with a team of church members from Webster Community Church and my own, McLaurin for two weeks.

Pray for health and a servant's heart as we visit with our Rwandan brothers and sisters. I will update you on some of the projects we undertook in late November or early December.

Rwanda Photo Randy Vanderveen A path cuts through a tea plantation in southwest Rwanda. Tea and coffee are two of Rwanda's biggest exports.

If you are interested in some specific prayer requests here is a list for the next week.

Tuesday Nov. 16 Pray for Brian Burkhart,  Pray for his wisdom and guidance as he  leads a rural pastors conference and preaches two Sundays. Pray for health Pray that God will bless Tracy and the rest of his family as he is away from them.  Pray for the team as they start work on a class room. Pray that we will be willing to learn, willing to teach, for patience and that language will not be an overwhelming barrier.

Wednesday Nov. 17 Pray for Peter Ma. Pray for wisdom, health and the words to say as he conducts the second day of the pastor conference. Pray that all the pastors, wives, and workers attending will be blessed and will be able to grow in their ministry. Pray for Tara and the kids at home that they will be safe. Pray for the team as they continue working on the class room.

Thursday Nov. 18 Pray for Cheryl Vanderveen. Pray for health and wisdom in helping team members adjust to the newness of it all. Pray for safety for travelling and during work. Pray that God will not have to use her training as a nurse for team members. Pray for Ami, Malorie and Adam at home. Pray for safety on the job site and during travelling.

Friday. Nov. 19 Pray for Ian Penner. Pray that God will use this time in Rwanda to help him grow in you. Pray for his testimony — living and verbal— among those he works with in Rwanda. Pray for the team as they have a day of rest that it will be one they can regroup in health and rest.

Saturday. Nov. 20 Pray for Phil Penner. Pray that Phil will remain healthy and strong. Pray that his quiet, gentle spirit will be an encouragement to the team and those he comes in contact with. Pray for Carol and the family as they are at home. Pray for the team as they visit Guardians of Hope (those infected with HIV) Dorcas (Micro business) and Orphans and Vulnerable Children (Child led homes) that the team will be a blessing. Pray that we as a team don't spread any diseases (flu or colds) to those who already have compromised health conditions.

Sunday Nov. 21 Pray for the team and the congregation in Nyarusange (Butare church by the school. Pray for both Brian and Peter as they preach and for the word to be magnified. Pray for a day of resting in God's strength.

Monday. Nov. 22 Pray for Terry Doerksen. Pray for Terry's health and strength and that his skills as a builder will be put to good use during the class room build. Pray that Terry will grow during his time in Rwanda. Pray for Colleen and Janna as they are at home. Pray that work on the class room will be successful and that God will be glorified in the classes that use the room.


My mom always told me to say thanks

Photo Randy Vanderveen A view of the thank you card we will be giving out to our Rwandan hosts.This is going to be a short post.

We have been busy preparing for our mission trip to Rwanda and one of the things I have been working on is a thank you card/photo for those we meet in Rwanda. (Murakoze is thank-you in kinyarwanda, the Rwandese language.)

I thought it would be nice to have a variety of scenes from the Peace Country. I think it provides a glimpse, by no means all encompassing but a glimpse.


Countdown to Rwanda

A young Rwandese boy herds cattle near the Gary Scheer school in Rwanda. It is hard to believe it won't be very long until my wife, Cheryl, and I return to Rwanda with a team from McLaurin Baptist Church and Webster Community Church.

We were last there in February 2008. Although we were only there a short time we are both anxiously looking forward to seeing the friends we met and meeting new people.

The team will be in Butare district in southern Rwanda where Webster and McLaurin are partnered with a rural church in the area.

Things are coming together as a team although at this time, in addition to some funds we are still short, we are in need of plenty of prayer.

But at least, the countdown is underway.A view into one of the many green valleys in Rwanda — the land of a thousand hills.

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