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The fall look

Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta 12-10-10 Fresh snow covers the leaves and berries on a mountain ash as fall and winter collide in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The taste of winter should be short-lived, as average temperatures return to the Peace Country for the third week of October.

Here are a few photos shot recently.

Photo Randy Vanderveen Fairhaven, WA A single coloured leaf lays on the sidewalk in Fairhaven, WA, a sign autumn is here. Photo Randy Vanderveen, Myra Canyon, Kelowna, BC A cyclist pauses to admire the view in Myra Canyon from one of the trestle bridges lining the trail that runs through the canyon. The trail, which is part of the Kettle Valley Railroad, is one section of the Trans Canada Trail system.Photo Randy Vanderveen, Myra Canyon, Kelowna, BC A cyclist pedals out of an old railway tunnel on the Myra Canyon pathway which is part of the old Kettle Valley Railroad in the interior of British Columbia. Photo Randy Vanderveen Rochfort, Alberta 12-10-05 A CN maintenance crew works on the rail line crossing Highway 43 at Rochfort Bridge as they keep the line in prime condition. The agriculture industry, like many others in Western Canada depends on the rail roads to be in good, safe operational condition to move products to market.Photo Randy Vanderveen south of LaGlace, Alberta 12-10-09 A bald eagle wings its way across the sky as it takes flight Tuesday, Oct. 9. The food supply for eagles continues to remain abundant as ducks have not left for wintering grounds in the South and there appears to always be a bountiful smorgasbord of road kill along Peace Country highways.Peachland, B.C. Randy Vanderveen A Kokanee salmon makes its way up Deep Creek near Peachland B.C. Monday, Sept. 24 from Lake Okanagan to spawning grounds. Kokanee are a land-locked species and their existence and that of other fish in inland waters depends upon farmers continuing to put into practice good agricultural techniques.Photo Randy Vanderveen south of Valhalla, Alberta 12-10-09 A pair of swans calmly swim the waters of Valhalla Lake Tuesday, Oct. 9. Many species of waterfowl are beginning to stage on Peace Country sloughs and lakes in preparation for their flight to wintering grounds.


Harvest, moon and reins

Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta A blue moon is framed between the uprights of the goal posts at Legion Field Friday night. A blue moon is often defined as the second full moon in a month.Here are a few selects from recent work.

Photo Randy Vanderveen near Sexsmith, Alberta 12-09-06 The sun sets behind a combine harvesting a ripe field near Sexsmith Thursday, Sept. 6. As harvest goes on and daylight hours become shorter, more and more farmers will be working under the glow of headlights to finish getting off this year's crop.

Photo Randy Vanderveen near LaGlace, Alberta 12-09-06 A combine stirs up a cloud of dust as its operator passes by a farm yard harvesting canola Thursday, Sept. 6. Farmers in the Peace Country are being blessed with co-operative weather this year as they pull off crops.Photo Randy Vanderveen near LaGlace, Alberta 12-09-06 A pair of combines perrformt a dance as they harvest a canola crop south of LaGlace. Thursday, Sept. 6.Photo Randy Vanderveen, Grande Prairie, Alberta A young rider reaches forward to take the reins of his horse from his dad who is at the head of the animal.



Recent work and apology

Photo Randy Vanderveen This llama appears to be trying to hide in plain sight in the dirtiest area of its paddock.

It has been awhile. I apologize for taking so long between posts.

Time just flies by and postponing for days turns into weeks and then months.

I will try and get back to posting on a regular weekly or at the most bi weekly basis.

Here are a few recent photos with captions but no comments.

Photo Randy Vanderveen A steer, unlike the animal in the background, appears more interested in the photographer than the bales of hay behind it. Photo Randy Vanderveen Pussy willows provide a sign of spring after an extremely mild winter in the Peace. Photo Randy Vanderveen This pair of horses, patiently waiting for their riders, obey the letter of the law as they are parked on the proper side of the traffic sign. Photo Randy Vanderveen A stop sign reflected in a puddle on an ice covered ditch serves as a reminder that ice is in a dangerous stage at this time of year,

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