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 Grande Prairie Alberta photographer Randy Vanderveen is an award-winning photographer with two decades of experience. Editorial photography, commercial photography, institutional photography, aerial photography, documentary and humanitarian photography — whatever your photographic needs are in the Peace River Country of northwestern Alberta and northeastern British Columbia or beyond I can help. The right licensing package can make custom photography affordable and extremely effective whether you are a national corporation, a local business or a non-profit or NGO. I would like to sit down and talk with you about how I can meet your photographic needs. Call (780) 897- 6478 or email me for a quote on a job or licensing fees for photos. Feel free to check out the weekly Viewfinder blog.



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Spring in the Peace

Photo Randy Vanderveen, Grande Prairie, Alberta The light purple blooms of a prairie crocus mark spring's arrival in the Peace.After a very long winter spring has finally sprung in the Peace Country. Here are a few photos from the past week celebrating that arrival.

Hope you enjoy them. Until next week.

Photo Randy Vanderveen, Cleardale, Alberta Mike Dimon checks on a young calf as he makes his daily ride to look for new arrivals to his herd. By calving later in the spring weather doesn't pose a big a problem to the new additions to his herd.

Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta A tree swallow perches on a strand of barb wire as it checks out its surroundings. Birds are nesting in the Peace and soon young ones will be seen and heard.


Soaring or slogging

Photo Randy Vanderveen, Grande Prairie, Alberta A waxwing launches itself into the air after a feeding frenzy with its flock.It seems there are two distinct sides to my photography — soaring or slogging.

Both accomplish what they need to but from a personal stand point the soaring is a whole lot nicer.

Sometimes it seems everything clicks— clients, subject matter, lighting, etc. It all just seems to fall into place and going out and making photographs is a pleasure and one of the highlights.

However, there is the other side of the equation — the slogging.

Photo: Randy Vanderveen, Bezanson, Alberta. A bison, face covered in snow looks up from rooting through the snow to the ground below.It can be hard work at time. Things don't seem to be coming together to easily. The subject and the client can be wonderful but the lighting can be fighting a person all the way or perhaps the subject of the photo is not co-operative.

Just getting out and shooting, even though it may feel like an upward battle all the way, is necessary and at the end the results can be just as rewarding.

However, I need to make the effort and put in the hard work. (After all, despite looking more graceful, the bird still has to flap its wings and work to get off the ground.)

Do you ever have days where everything seems to work out and you feel the project or task at hand is taking flight by itself?

What about the days where you have to dig in and will yourself and the project to come to light?

What do you find most rewarding? What do you do to help get you motivated during the slogging period?

Looking at it objectively, I can say I am glad neither one lasts forever. If every photo took flight by itself and worked out perfect every time I would never get better in my skills as I wouldn't have to try new things.

Digging through the trenches can be hard work and every once in awhile I feel I need to have a soaring experience as a reward for sticking to it.


Photo Randy Vanderveen, Grande Prairie, Alberta The Canfor yard crane is silhouetted as it works moving logs in yard decks. Anybody that has spent time in Grande Prairie probably recognizes the crane in Canfor's yard. It is almost as much a landmark in the city as 214 Place.

It is good to have something that is equated with hard work and being industrious as a symbol of a community.

I want to continue on working at making it so my photography is also known for the hard work foundation behind it whether it is a simple job or one that is more complex.


A new  beginning

Photo Randy Vanderveen, Saskatoon Island Provincial Park - A vandalized sign near the boat launch at Saskatoon Island Provincial Park west of Grande Prairie, Alberta reduces the authority of the traffic control device.

With the introduction of a new look to the website, I thought I would try my hand at blogging.
I know, cyber-space is filled with blogs which really don't mean anything, but I thought perhaps it would be incentive to me to keep updating this site — adding a picture a week— or something similar.
Bear with me as I work through this and get a weekly pattern down. I am hoping that readers, clients and visitors to my website will stop in to see what is up on a semi-regular basis.It has been a relatively quiet July but I am expecting that things will get a little busier as August rolls around.
I will post again by next week, thanks for taking the time to check things out.


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