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 Grande Prairie Alberta photographer Randy Vanderveen is an award-winning photographer with two decades of experience. Editorial photography, commercial photography, institutional photography, aerial photography, documentary and humanitarian photography — whatever your photographic needs are in the Peace River Country of northwestern Alberta and northeastern British Columbia or beyond I can help. The right licensing package can make custom photography affordable and extremely effective whether you are a national corporation, a local business or a non-profit or NGO. I would like to sit down and talk with you about how I can meet your photographic needs. Call (780) 897- 6478 or email me for a quote on a job or licensing fees for photos. Feel free to check out the weekly Viewfinder blog.



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A January view

Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada 2017-01-16 Keith Fraser of Grande Prairie braves a cool wind on a mild day as he tries his luck at fishing on the frozen surface of Sturgeon Lake at Young's Point Provincial Park Monday. Fraser hadn't had any luck at the time the photo was taken.

Here are a few from the past week.

Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada 2017-01-13 Kirsten Rodacker prepares to pass the ball during as the Grande Prairie Regional College Wolves volleyball teams took on the Kings University College Eagles the weekend of January 13 and 14/17.Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada 2017-01-20 Ryan Pelster goes up for a shot under the basket despite the efforts of some NAIT defenders as the Grande Prairie Regional College Wolves basketball team faced off against the visiting NAIT Ooks on Friday, January 20/17 at GPRC.Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada 2017-01-16 A moose browses in the snow cover of a field east of Grande Prairie looking for food early Monday morning. The light snow covering in the County of Grande Prairie has made it easier for deer, moose and elk to forage for food.


Starting off

Here are a few photos of recent work.Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada 2017-01-09 The area coyote population, like these ones near Evergreen Park, remains very healthy in and around Grande Prairie. While they are good at controlling rodents, pet owners should be wary of letting there pets loose at night as coyotes will often view small dogs and cats as easy meals.Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada 2017-01-09 Sheila White cleans up shavings in a pen of one of her and her daughter's four horses being boarded at Evergreen Park in the Lewis Hawkes Pavilion. The chore is a routine job that needs to be performed whether horses are at home of boarded.Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada 2017-01-05 Jason Naguit, a lot attendant at Ken Sargent GMC Buick Ltd. stirs up a miniature blizzard as he clears snow off the new pickups at the northside dealership. Using the blower prevents any accidental damage to the paint of the vehicles and also makes the job fast.The year has just begun — more to come.


Looking back

Photo Randy Vanderveen , Kenya 2016-01-18 Serah Kaickye Mumo lives with HIV. She and Patrick Ngumbau, her 17 year old son were diagnosed the same time. Patrick is a member of the OVC ) Orphans and Vulnerable Children program run by CBM partners at the African Brotherhood Church (ABC).Keeping this site up to date certainly wasn't one of my strong points the past two years. Now that the first week of 2017 is past, let's see if I can do a little better. Here are some photos from 2016.

Photo Randy Vanderveen Nairobi, Kenya 2016-01-19 Portraits of some of the participants in a Muslim ministry group.Photo Randy Vanderveen Saddle Hills, Alberta, Canada 2016-08-24 ATCO Electric solar panel array is reflected in a worker's safety glasses at a Saddle Hills communication tower.Photo Randy Vanderveen Clairmont, Alberta, Canada 2016-06-18 A remuda of horses graze apparently unaware of the rainbow leading right to them following a brief shower Saturday evening June 18. The Peace Country could use a break from rain after heavy rain and winds earlier in the week caused damage on both sides of the BC/Alberta border.Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada 2016-09-03 Members of the Grande Prairie Wolves Soccer team pose for photos for a new look in 2016.Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada 2016-09-13 Kate Wilson, lead for the Aquatic Invasive Species Program with Alberta Environment and Parks, sprays Prentox, a fish specific toxin, among the reeds in the Muskoseepi Park Pond. A second crew in a boat applied the toxin in the main body of water later in the day to kill off an influx of goldfish which resulted when someone released some of the fish in the pond. The hardy fish are very aggressive and take over things and grow to a much larger size in a larger body of water. The release of the gold fish meant no trout fishing in the pond this past summer. It is hoped that this application will kill all the fish and allow for trout from hatcheries to be stocked next spring.Here's looking forward to a new year of possibilities.

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