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Looking back

Photo Randy Vanderveen , Kenya 2016-01-18 Serah Kaickye Mumo lives with HIV. She and Patrick Ngumbau, her 17 year old son were diagnosed the same time. Patrick is a member of the OVC ) Orphans and Vulnerable Children program run by CBM partners at the African Brotherhood Church (ABC).Keeping this site up to date certainly wasn't one of my strong points the past two years. Now that the first week of 2017 is past, let's see if I can do a little better. Here are some photos from 2016.

Photo Randy Vanderveen Nairobi, Kenya 2016-01-19 Portraits of some of the participants in a Muslim ministry group.Photo Randy Vanderveen Saddle Hills, Alberta, Canada 2016-08-24 ATCO Electric solar panel array is reflected in a worker's safety glasses at a Saddle Hills communication tower.Photo Randy Vanderveen Clairmont, Alberta, Canada 2016-06-18 A remuda of horses graze apparently unaware of the rainbow leading right to them following a brief shower Saturday evening June 18. The Peace Country could use a break from rain after heavy rain and winds earlier in the week caused damage on both sides of the BC/Alberta border.Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada 2016-09-03 Members of the Grande Prairie Wolves Soccer team pose for photos for a new look in 2016.Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada 2016-09-13 Kate Wilson, lead for the Aquatic Invasive Species Program with Alberta Environment and Parks, sprays Prentox, a fish specific toxin, among the reeds in the Muskoseepi Park Pond. A second crew in a boat applied the toxin in the main body of water later in the day to kill off an influx of goldfish which resulted when someone released some of the fish in the pond. The hardy fish are very aggressive and take over things and grow to a much larger size in a larger body of water. The release of the gold fish meant no trout fishing in the pond this past summer. It is hoped that this application will kill all the fish and allow for trout from hatcheries to be stocked next spring.Here's looking forward to a new year of possibilities.


Seeing the big picture

Photo Randy Vanderveen, near the Smoky River west of Debolt , Alberta A bull elk pauses near the safety of some trees while it surveys its surroundings in early September.In order to make it through hunting season and through life, animals have to be wary and check things out prior to rushing across a clearing.

This elk is a prime example watching from the relative safety of the trees.

We need to be a little more that way, not jumping into things without looking. There is nothing wrong about being spontaneous, however, it can be tempered with common sense too.

On a more photographic-related note, it is sometimes also good to capture the big picture.

With wildlife especially, it is often a temptation to use long lenses, close proximity and cropping to bring photos into what almost looks like a portrait.

While that is good once in awhile, you lose the context of the animal in its natural habitat and how it relates to its environment.

Think of the photos you take of your family. While it is nice to have some close portraits of them, it is also nice to show your friends and loved ones doing what they enjoy, relating with each other and life.


Photo Randy Vanderveen, Lake Kivu, Kibuye, Rwanda A fisherman checks his net for damage as a second man paddles them into shore.Christmas is just over two months away and once November hits North Americans will be hit with a barrage of flyers, commercials and point of purchase displays urging them to buy.

If you want to do something a little different this year, why not look at donating money or time through Samaritan's Purse, World Vision, Canadian Baptist Ministries, the Salvation Army or some other worthwhile organization this season.

It is an opportunity to help give to those in your own city and province or around the world and it both the money and the time are greatly appreciated during this time when the world's economy is still very tight.


Recently I had someone ask if I could post some extra information about the photos included in the blog.

I will try to remember to do so. Here it is for this week.

Photo information

Photo of Elk- lens 200mm aperture f 2.8 shutter 1/500

Photo Fishermen- lens 135 with 1.4 converter, aperture 7.1 shutter speed- 1/640

Photo Muskrat (facebook) lens 200, aperture f2.8, shutter speed 1/125