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Here and there

Photo Randy Vanderveen Musanze District, Rwanda 2015-05-23 A young girl with an onion sack hat, The youngster was attending a Children of Hope meeting.(a support group for children affected by HIV/AIDS)

Here are some recent photos from both Rwanda and here in the Peace.

Photo Randy Vanderveen Nyarusange, Rwanda 2015-05-16 A young man with his wooden bike near Nyarusange, Huye District, RwandaPhoto Randy Vanderveen Musanze District, Rwanda 2015-05-27 A mother and child enjoy a few moments ignoring their surroundings intent on each other in an adult literacy class.

 Photo Randy Vanderveen Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda 2015-05-27 A man picks tea leaves at a plantation in the Nyungwe Forest National Park. Photo Randy Vanderveen Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda Northern Double-collared Sunbird Cinnyris reichenow

Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta 2015-06-17 A prickly pear cactus bloom adds a splash of colour to the plant in Kleskun Hills Park. The recent rain has helped wild flowers bloom in the Peace Country.Photo Randy Vanderveen Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda 2015-05-27 colobus monkey


A piece of the Peace

Photo Randy Vanderveen Bezanson, Alberta 12-10-31 An owl takes flight from a fence post along a rural road to check out its surroundings near Bezanson, Alberta Wednesday, October 31.



Photo Randy Vanderveen Bezanson, Alberta 12-11-07 A pair of coyotes nonchalantly stroll past wild elk and bison grazing in one of the pastures at the Adam Bison Ranch near Bezanson, Wednesday, Nov. 7. Coyotes are wary enough in most cases to stay back from the road and take to the lower area in an open field.Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta 12-11-06 A bull moose's long legs help it easily cross a fence as he heads over open fields and roads southwest of Grande Prairie Tuesday, Nov. 6. Motorists travelling rural roads and highways have to be aware of wildlife on the move especially in the hours around dawn and dusk.Photo Randy Vanderveen Bezanson, Alberta 12-10-31 Hoar frost provides a delicate covering to the strands of barb wire on a fence near Bezanson, Alberta Wednesday, October 31.Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta 12-11-02 Kelly O'Hallahan, Wolves guard, 9, charges past Karly Goertzen, Briercrest, 8, as she heads toward the basket. The Grande Prairie Lady Wolves battled the Briercrest College Clippers on the hardwood at GPRC Friday evening and defeated the visitors 62-50. O'Hallahan picked up the nod for Wolves player of the game.

Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta 12-11-03 St. Joe's Oleks Bobrovskyy unsuccesfully tries to hurdle a Peace River Pioneer tackler. The Celtics broke a 21 year Peace Bowl victory drought as they defeated the Peace River Pioneers 34-17 to win the Mighty Peace Football League Championship at Legion Field Saturday, Nov. 3. Both teams move onto their respective Provincial playoffs

Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta A drilling rig south of Grande PrairiePhoto Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta Evergreen Park

Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta An aerial photograph of the current Queen Elizabeth II Hospital and the construction site for the new hospital.


Spring wings

Photo Randy Vanderveen, near Wembley Alberta Swans wing their way across the South Peace sky on a beautiful spring afternoon. Swans, which have been back in the Peace Country for several weeks, always mark the arrival of spring up here for me. The trumpeters will soon begin to find an area to nest and raise their young, while the tunrdra swans will wing their way further north to their nesting grounds within a week or two.


Taking flight

I was out of town the past few weeks at meetings and my oldest daughter Malorie's graduation from the University of Lethbridge. Here are a few photos taken during that time. I will try and get back to routine next week.Photo Randy Vanderveen, Tofield, Alberta A northern shoveller takes flight.Photo Randy Vanderveen, Tofield, AB A mountain blue bird perches on a fence.

Photo Randy Vanderveen, near Turtleford, SK A blue-winged teal glides on the water of a creek just below a beaver dam.

Photo Randy Vanderveen, Reed Lake, near Herbert, SK An American avocet wades along the shoreline looking for food.

Photo Randy Vanderveen near Warner, AB A black crowned night heron hunts for a meal.

Photo Randy Vanderveen, near Warner, AB A flock of American white pelicans take to the sky.Photo Randy Vanderveen, Lethbridge, Alberta Malorie Petersen, my oldest daughter, celebrates her convocation from the University of Lethbridge witha Bachelor of Arts with great distinction and a Bachelor of Education with great distinction. 


Spring in the Peace

Photo Randy Vanderveen, Grande Prairie, Alberta The light purple blooms of a prairie crocus mark spring's arrival in the Peace.After a very long winter spring has finally sprung in the Peace Country. Here are a few photos from the past week celebrating that arrival.

Hope you enjoy them. Until next week.

Photo Randy Vanderveen, Cleardale, Alberta Mike Dimon checks on a young calf as he makes his daily ride to look for new arrivals to his herd. By calving later in the spring weather doesn't pose a big a problem to the new additions to his herd.

Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta A tree swallow perches on a strand of barb wire as it checks out its surroundings. Birds are nesting in the Peace and soon young ones will be seen and heard.