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Recent work

Photo Randy Vanderveen A grizzly looks up from foraging for food along Highwy 40 north of the Cutbank River as it gorges itself in preparation for hibernation.

Here are is some photos from the past few months.

Photo Randy Vanderveen A police car parks momentarily along the promenade in front of the Tower of Belém near Lisbon, Portugal providing a quick glimpse at protection in Portugal's past and present.

Photo Randy Vanderveen An adult bald eagle harrasses an immature one in a field in the Fraser Valley.

Photo Randy Vanderveen Cattle graze in a pasture south of Abbotsford as the colours of fall form a background. Fall comes later to the Lower Mainland than it does in the Prairies. Photo Randy Vanderveen A batsman protects the wicket during a cricket tournament in Grande Prairie in early September.

Photo Randy Vanderveen Lisbon, Portugal is famous for its hills and street cars in the city centre.


Insignificant me

Photo Randy Vanderveen, Waterton Lakes National Park A motorhome is dwarfed by nature – the very thing the occupants of the RV have come to see.Often times we have a view of ourselves that is out of kilter.

We see ourselves — as individuals — as being extremely important.

But when, like the above picture — we pull back and see how small we really are when compared to the world around us, society and God, it gives us a reality check.

What we do, what we plan, what we say is minor in the scheme of things. When natural or man-made disasters occur we look pretty impotent.

Even in the view of the physical world, our presence, like the motorhome, is pretty small when compared to the vast and powerful creation God has made.

This doesn't diminish the fact that God loves us and has a plan for us and wants a relationship with each of us.

However, because we are human, the I is often so much bigger than the YOU.

We need to realize that we need to be concerned with others and — as stewards — nature and the environment.

It isn't just about me. While I may be small, what I do and how I act affects more than just me.


I was out of town last week helping my daughter and son-in-law move.

I did take the opportunity to photograph areas and scenes I usually don't. Here are a few samples.

Photo Randy Vanderveen A bald eagle pair made use of a hawk's nest in a high voltage power line pylon to raise their young. Photo Randy Vanderveen near the Crows Nest Pass, Alberta The Burmis Tree stands out as a landmark along Highway 3 east of the Crowsnest Pass in southwestern Alberta. When it died in the 1970s it was estimated to have been between 600 and 700 years old. Photo Randy Vanderveen, Waterton Lakes National Park Wild flowers add colour to the ground in Waterton Lakes National Park as the Rockies rise up in the background. Photo Randy Vanderveen, near Cardston, Alberta A pair of horses contend with the wind and the rain that has been plaguing southern Alberta during the spring and early summer of 2010.