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Photo Randy Vanderveen Kakwa, Alberta 2015-03-22 A pair of rigs work side by side at a well site just west of Highway 40 north of the Kakwa River. The area between the Kakwa and Cutbank Rivers is extremely busy right now with gas exploration and pipelines.

Here is some work from the past couple of weeks. Two photos serve as a reminder if you are planning on taking architecture photos twilight or pre-dawn works the best when the ambient light of the sky and the artificial lights match in intensity. It also provides a beautiful blue sky whether it has been cloudy all day or sunny.

Photo Randy Vanderveen Grande Prairie, Alberta The exterior of McLaurin Baptist Church's new building in the Gateway Power Centre in west Grande Prairie. The church has been meeting in the new facility for a couple of months and welcomes both visitors who are curious or those looking for a church home. Services are 10:15 am Sundays. Photo Rady Vanderveen Mount Robson, British Columbia A snow-covered Mount Robson stands like a stark sentinel against a clear evening sky in mid-March, Photo Randy Vanderveen Bezanson, Alberta 2015-03-24 A herd of elk cross a road and fence line on the Adam Ranch south of Bezanson. The large animals are becoming a nuisance in the South Peace, along the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies and the Suffield area as they gather in large numbers stealing feed for livestock and damaging fences. Hunters have not been able to control the rapidly growing population of elk resulting in two rural municipalties requesting an increase in elk quotas for hunters to help alleviate the wildlife problem.


I Get Around

Photo Randy Vanderveen, Ottawa, Ontario The Parliament buildings photographed in the twilight.If you have read my blog before — I know things haven't been kept very current — you will know that I will photograph subjects from different angles, times of day, positions and in different weather.

It is one of the easiest things you can do to bring a new look to something that you and others have photographed time and again. After all you want your photos to stand out from the crowd.

The photographs of the Parliament buildings in our nation's capital are a prime example. Each photo has a different look and sometimes even a different mood.

Sometimes looking for a different angle can even hide something you don't want seen.

A traditional head on photograph of the buildings in almost every one of these situations would have highlighted the ongoing construction and in some photos even the assembled stage ready for Canada Day.

By shooting from the backside or silhouetting the building those details were intentionally lost.

Why not try it yourself whether you are shooting a familiar landscape, a scene you have seen on a postcard or even portraits — break away from the usual.

Randy Vanderveen, Ottawa, Ontario A silhouetted building hides the stage set up for Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill.Photo Randy Vanderveen Ottawa, Ontario A rainy night provides a different look to a familar scene.

 Photo Randy Vanderveen Ottawa, Ontario A more traditional postcard looking photo of the Peace Tower and Centre Block.Photo Randy Vanderveen Ottawa, Ontario A different look at the Peace Tower framed between two other towers on the Centre Block.

Photo Randy Vanderveen Ottawa, Ontario A second non-traditional angle of the Peace Tower.