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Friday, December 29, 2017 at 14:43
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Sorry for being so negligent with keeping up posts this past year. Here is a brief look back at the past year through some images.Photo Randy Vanderveen A coyote in the fresh snow of a January morning. . Photo Randy Vanderveen Ballet dancers perform at the Douglas J Cardinal Theatre at Grande Prairie Regional College. Photo Randy Vanderveen A hoar frost covered mailbox provides a study in white. Photo Randy Vanderveen A novice bareback rider takes flight aboard a bronc at the 2017 Grande Prairie Stompede. Photo Randy Vanderveen A bee hovers above canola flowers in a field it is helping to pollinate. Photo Randy Vanderveen Traffic rushes down 100 Avenue as motorists head to work in the morning. Photo Randy Vanderveen A group of deer take a look back at the photographer. Photo Randy Vanderveen A panoramic view of Porto, Portugal.Photo Randy Vanderveen Anglers try their luck fishing in the Douro River in Porto Portugal during a November rain storm.

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